Worried about the weight gained during the pandemic?

April 17, 2021

Worried about the weight gained during the pandemic?

Feeling like your body is not ready for the reopening of society?

It seems like after a long long winter we’re finally beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

We might soon get back some freedom to socialise and be out and about.

When talking to women online, I get the feeling that there are some secret worries they are struggling to open-up about. They are linked to the reopening of the society, after many months of having to limit our social contacts. And to showing their body after gaining weight during the pandemic.

If you’re like many women, your thoughts may be going to the summer and the loosening of the lockdown restrictions. To how your body changed over the course of the last year and the repeated failure to stick to a plan to change the number on the scale.

So, I said I’d use this space to talk about these worries today.

Maybe on one side you have this great desire to connect back with people and finally spend more time outdoors.

On the other side there’s a fear that others might judge you for the weight gained during the pandemic.

diet mentality

I’m not surprised to see pictures like this a lot on social media.

They might be for fun (and often for marketing purposes too), but they send a strong message that comes from living in a diet culture.

Behind a pic like this, often hides the conviction of having to run for cover by dieting. To shrink your body to prove to yourself, and to anyone else, that you are not someone who doesn’t care about their body.

That you are healthy, at least in the sense of what ‘healthy’ means in our diet culture, that is ‘thin’ and ‘lean’.

At the same time though, you might cringe at the idea of getting into yet another diet. 

Let me tell you that these conflicting thoughts are 100% legitimate.

Especially at this time where you feel your body is not ready while the reopening gets closer and closer to the date.

You’re not crazy to think this why. And most importantly, you’re not alone!

We are many. And I say ‘we’ because I have gained weight too during the lockdowns. I too have caught myself in this same kind of worries, which I now know how to deal with.

These thoughts are quite a strong signal that you’ve hit rock bottom with diets but you’re still deeply immersed in a diet mentality.

How do you know if you got to this point?

Let me give you a few examples here:

~ You are starting to see that diets don’t work, but you are desperate to shrink your body for that day at the beach or the dinner out with your girlfriends.

You tell yourself: “Just let me lose the weight now, and after I’ll lose this weight, I’ll figure it out“. So on with another diet.

~ You are stuck in the belief that your weight defines ‘who you are. So, you strongly believe you need to lose weight now and transform your shape to finally feel better about yourself.

~ You engage in one or more of the following, even if you don’t feel like doing it at all and you’re not officially on a diet:

– count carbs grams and macros

– eat only fat-free, carbs-free or low-calorie foods

– skip meals or do extra exercise if you had a cookie or a bag of crisps

– compete with someone else (friends, family, gym mates) who are dieting

– start eating vegan or vegetarian only for the purpose of losing weight.

Can you see yourself in here? Again, you are not alone!

Now, the good news.

Because you’ve hit diet bottom, the only direction you can go now is UP.

But how?

I’ve put together four slides with four different tips to help you reframe your beliefs and release the current anxiety created by your body, and the fear to be seen after gaining weight during the pandemic.

You can read them flicking through the images below.


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With kindness,

Dona 🌷

Donatella Porceddu. Contact me.

Written by Donatella Porceddu

I am a registered psychologist and life coach specialised in binge and emotional eating, body kindness, and mindful eating. I empower women to become the best version of themselves through my comprehensive approach, which combines personal coaching and psychology, leveraging my client’s strengths and building around their opportunities.

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