The Mindful Body Women Circle

Group support for women who want to increase the confidence in their body, and learn to enjoy eating again.


Every other Monday

@8PM Dublin/London Time (GMT) – Online (Zoom)

The Mindful Body Women Circle is open to all women interested in learning and reflecting about their relationship with food and body.

This online support group is a space to come together and learn by sharing our experiences, ideas. We learn new tools to support the relationship with food and body, in a non-judgmental and nurturing environment.

A structured group coaching experience guided by me, Dona, Psychologist & Eating coach.

We look forward to connecting with you there!


Features of the Mindful Body Women Circle

    • Online meetings every other Monday (On Zoom – Meetings run all year long until December 2022, except for a break in the months of Aug and Sept). – Full meeting’s calendar is available here.


    • Investment is 20 euros x month, with a minimum commitment of 3 months (so we can create a nice group of people supporting each other for a good amount of time).

    • Each call focuses on a different topic, including:

    > Food bingeing

    > Coping with emotions

    > Understanding & rejecting the diet mentality

    > Letting go of food rules

    > Tuning into your hunger and other body signals

    > How to treat your body with more kindness…and more.

    • An email summary after each meeting with any practices we use and any other resources I think will support your exploration of the meeting’s topic (to help you digest the content in your own time or catch-up with it if you miss any of the calls).


    • Guest experts, to support on specific themes such as gentle nutrition, intuitive exercise, developing kindness and self-compassion for yourself and your body, and more.

    How it works

    In each call, I will:

    • Invite you to practice together a mindful moment of awareness of the body/mind;
    • Introduce one specific topic.
    • Provide a brief presentation to educate about the topic (or my guest will do).
    • Guide some gentle journaling on the topic covered.
    • Welcome all the comments and questions you might have.


    The core principles which guide the Mindful Body Women Circle


    You might just be using food to forget or put a problem to the side for a while. For example, it could be that you need love and attention, satisfaction in your relationship or in work. Or maybe freedom and time to do what you like, and unload some pressure. 

    Food protects, shields, reassures and comforts. It’s always there.

    However, food is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Together, we learn to be mindful of our feelings and emotions. Showing kindness and compassion to ourself when we are experiencing those feelings.

    These are possibly the most important skills we can learn to overcome bingeing and heal your relationship with food and body.

    Food can’t be the answer. Because there’s no amount of food that can satisfy something it’s not hunger.


    There’s a quote I love from author Anne Lamott that says:

    “If you’re not OK with yourself at 185 pounds, you will not be OK at 150, or even at 135. The self- respect and peace of mind you long for is not out there. It’s within.”

    After spending more than 20 years of my life attempting to change my body and never really finding happiness in that, I’ve now come to believe that Anne Lamott is right.

    We don’t wait to be thin to start living our life and enjoy it to its fullest. 

    As women, we’re told from a young age that if we are thin or we fit into a small size, we are much more likely going to be happy, successful, loved than if we live in a larger body.

    It’s quite normal that many of us have learned to measure our own value based on how we look and how good or bad we manage to control what we eat.

    However, how would our life change if we managed to detach ourself from this idea?

    The idea that our worth lies in being thin and slender and we started going for what we really want in our life instead? 


    There are so many factors that can impact our body weight, our shape and size.

    Some of them include genetics, access to food, hormones, gut health, weight set-point. Add to them emotional resilience, stress levels, sleep routine, age, socio-economical factors, etc.

    They are many more than just nutrition and exercise.

    However, those selling us diet plans, meal replacements and training packages want us to believe it’s just a matter of nailing those two and how we use our willpower.

    > We might have tried to follow strict food and exercise rules and still not get anywhere near the body shape or the weight we aspired to be. It’s frustrating. 

    > Maybe, we can’t help but compare our body to somebody else’s and believe it’s better than ours. We could be thinking: “They must be more disciplined, have an infinite supply of willpower and determination to be the way they are“.

    It’s difficult to see the truth that the problem is not us but the approach.

    We never failed a diet. It’s not a matter of willpower. Diets have failed us again and again. Because they are just not the right approach.

    Truth is, in the long run, all restrictive diets:

    • cause weight rebound, with weight gain often greater than the initial loss;
    • damage self-esteem due to the inevitable failures in attempts to lose weight permanently;
    • can establish or amplify eating disorders.

    Who is the Mindful Body Women Circle for?

    The Mindful Body Women Circle is open to all women interested in learning and reflect about their current relationship with food and body.

    A safe and non-judgmental space for women to learn tools, techniques and practices to support in the journey towards joyful eating and body acceptance.

    It is a good fit if you:

    • Often find yourself thinking about food, and feeling guilty about what you ate.
    • Feel exposed and judged about your body, holding off on important things in life because of what others might think about your appearance.
    • Use food when you’re stressed, bored or upset, while you seem to be doing fine when your’re busy with work, family, and other commitments.
    • Are wondering if there’s a way to enjoy food and stop bingeing which doesn’t involve starting another diet.
    • Find it hard to trust your body when it comes to putting food on the table, so you prefer to rely on a diet or someone else to tell you what, when and how to eat.

    • Your body and your weight negatively impact your self-esteem.
    • Are curious about learning what impacts your relationship with food and your body, and you are open to challenge your current beliefs and try something different from what you’ve tried before.
    • Cherish the opportunity to listen and learn from other people’s experience of the same issues, respecting each person’s point of view and experience, and refraining from giving unsolicited advice.
    • At the same time you’re happy to share your experience and what worked/hasn’t worked for you so far, knowing there’s be no judgment.

    The Mindful Body Women Circle is not for you if:

    • You’re looking for weight-loss advice, an exercise plan or an accountability group to support your weight-loss goals.
    • You are currently not open to explore different ways to look after your wellbeing, which don’t involve the pursuit of weight-loss or following strict dietary plans.
    • You don’t like working in group settings and you’d prefer a personalised, individual approach. For that, I recommend you having a look at my 1:1 coaching page.
    Dates and Times

    Dates & Times

    Bi-weekly – Every other Monday.

    Right now the circle is taking a break for the summer.

    Our meetings will resume on Mon 26th Sept.

    Each meeting start at 8PM Dublin/London (GMT) and lasts 1 hour &15 min.

    See here for the full meetings’ calendar.

    Please note:

    Meetings are held online (Zoom), so you can join from anywhere. However, be mindful of the times and make sure to check in advance on how they apply to your time zone.

    I can’t recommend Dona enough. There’s a famous sentence from Carl Jung that represents who and how she is:

    Master all theories, master all techniques, but when you touch a human soul, be solely another human soul.

    Donatella is a kind human and a fantastic professional who respected my time and guided me all the way so I could find my truth and make my own decisions.

    The learning I got from the sessions with her changed my perception about my journey, and I will always be grateful for that.

    Thank you, Dona!

    Frequently asked questions

    I'm at a very early stage of my journey towards food & body freedom. Is the women circle for me?

    Absolutely! As long as you’re curious about learning how to support your body needs and deal with bingeing with an approach not based on weight-loss and dieting. 

    I encourage you to read the core principles that guide this group before signing-up. They are available above in this same page.

    Or contact me and ask any questions that will help you make a decision.

    This is definitely not for you if:

    • You’re looking for weight-loss advice, an exercise plan or an accountability group to support your weight-loss goals.
    • You are currently not open to explore different ways to look after your wellbeing, which don’t involve the pursuit of weight-loss or following strict dietary plans.
    What will I get from the experience?

    You’ll leave each call feeling less exhausted and more resourced. 

    You’ll feel more confident to navigate the highs and lows of your relationship with food and your body. 

    You’ll have more choice about how you want to show up for yourself and out in the world with your own body.

    You’ll get a greater understanding about where you are in your journey and the old beliefs that don’t always serve you. 

    Shame and guilt for the way we eat and our body lives in the shadows. It’s easy to stay in shame when we don’t talk about our struggles and keep them within ourselves.

    You’ll experience the power that comes from sharing your struggles with the other women in the circle  going through the same. The one that comes from bringing your worries and concerns to the surface knowing that they will land on very compassionate ears.

    I hope you meet some kindred spirits and feel less alone in the prison of bingeing and self-loathing; there are very few absolutes in life but I can guarantee it’s not just you. 

    Some of the benefits I’ve found of approaching bingeing and negative body thoughts with a kinder and more compassionate mind are:

    •  Embracing a non-dieting mindset, not being pushed to get on the diet rollercoaster when a new year starts;
    • Having more energy and mind-space to focus on things different than food, weight, people’s judgment;
    • Finding acceptance in yourself and in your body;
    • Feeling more neutral about your body, as your value becomes less and less linked with your looks and your shape; 
    • Cultivating a healthier relationship with your inner critic;
    • Being more patient and compassionate not only with yourself, but with your partner, colleagues, and other people in your life;
    • Feeling more grounded and relaxed;
    • Being able to read body signals more easily…and many more.

    Of course you’d emphasise the benefits. Are there any reasons I shouldn’t join?

    Lots actually! This probably isn’t a great fit if you want lots of 1:1 attention or you dislike being in groups. If you find noticing physical sensations in your body distressing or you think you may have unresolved trauma. 

    If you’re not open to the possibility of change or learning. If you can’t commit to the live calls. 

    Ultimately, if it doesn’t feel right or you have a sense of ‘should’ about it. 

    How long does the Mindful Body Women Circle last?

    The Mindful Body Women Circle runs over 8 months, from February to December, taking August and September off.

    See here the calendar of all call dates for 2022.

    Are the meetings recorded?

    No, they’re not. This is a live experience. Your presence makes the group what it is. Plus, I want people to be comfy showing up in their PJs and that’s much harder with the recording on. 

    I also know that life happens and you might need to miss a call and that’s okay too. I will send a summary each call of any practices we use and any other resources I think will support your exploration of the week’s topic so you’ll still be able to engage with the content that way.

    You are welcome to engage with this as much or as little as you like – there is no mandatory homework!

    I’m really busy at the moment. Maybe this isn’t a good time for me. Not sure if I should sign up or not?

    I hear you and you are the best judge of whether this fits in your life right now so only you can make that decision.

    This isn’t a course that comes with homework or a whole bunch of things you need to do. This is a respite – a calm and safe oasis where you can take a pause from the busyness for two hours a month and reflect on how you might improve the relationship with food and body. All you need to do is show up, exactly how you are. That might even be in your PJs having not brushed your teeth or washed your hair.

    How much does it cost?

    It costs 20 euros a month for a total of 8 months. 

    There’s a minimum commitment of 3 months, so we can create a nice group of people supporting each other for a good amount of time.

    What if I commit for the 3 months and then I need to drop out?

    Of course, I’d love to have you for the 3 months to make sure we create a safe container for you and everyone else in the circe. However, if something comes up, all you have to do is talk to me and we’ll work throught that.

    What if the time doesn't work for me. Are you running this any other time?

    Right now, the time is 8pm GMT every other Monday. 

    If your reason for not joining this is that you can’t make it at this particular time, drop me a line to let me know when it would work for you. When I run this again I’ll consider offering another time.

    When do I need to make a decision?

    Enrolment for this round of the Women Circle calls closes on Sunday 30th January 2022 or until it fills up (there are 14 spaces left as I write this).

    Ok, I'm interested, what happens next?

    Spots on the Mindful Body Women Circle will be filled on an application only basis.

    The integrity and safety of this circle is very important to me. It’s my priority to make sure it’s a safe and judgment-free container for women to share vulnerably and openly about what’s going on in their relationship with food & body.

    For this reason I’d love to ask you a few question before you join.

    If you are interested in applying, complete the form avaialble here and I’ll be in touch with you.


    20 euros / month

    Minimum commitment of 3 months (so we can create a nice group of people supporting each other for a good amount of time).

    See here the calendar of all call dates for 2022.


    Next steps

    Spots on the Mindful Body Women Circle are filled on an application only basis.

    Right now the circle is taking a break for the summer and meetings will resume on Mon 26th Sept @8pm UK time.

    If you are interested in joining us in September, please click the button below to complete the application form.