What’s holding you back from making that change?

November 28, 2020

Why can I not make that change I want?

I know how I should be eating and I have a collection of fitness plans, apps, trackers. 

This is one question I get asked by my clients very frequently.

And it’s hard, I know. I understand quite well how frustrating it can be to fill stuck in a rut you can’t seem to get out of. 

What’s holding you back?

Here are the most common things I see holding people back from making the change they want.

  • Focusing too much on the end result. It feels like climbing like Mount Everest when you look at it from where you are now.
  • Trying a one size fits all solution. An approach that doesn’t take into account your unique story, needs, preferences and circumstances.
  • The fear of failing, because you have tried to accomplish that same result several times. And now you’re convinced there’s nothing else you can do. You believe you just can’t do it and it’s always going to be this way.
  • You getting discouraged by the fact that it seems too long of a journey. You’d like things to change faster to move on to other important stuff and forget about it.
  • Wanting to change many things all at once, so you can’t really put 100% of your focus and effort on any of them.
  • Not making the time to do the inner work. The time to reflect on what’s really causing the status quo (which, by the way, might not be the food on your plate or the lack of exercise).

A journey of many tiny steps

Making the change you want in the relationship with food and your body it’s a journey made of days. It’s made of little moments, simple efforts, tiny but consistent changes in your habits.

They’re like little bits of a jigsaw to put together, day after day to create a different life, fueled by a different mindset and different routines. Not just a different body. 

A journey where you look to change the inside before the outside. Because the puzzle is yours and, for that reason, completely different from someone else’s.

It’s a change for life, where you get to to finally see food for what it is: just food.

And feel free from the food obsession, the urge to eat at any time, from having to track calories, or count the minutes on the treadmill to burn off your last snack.

 If you are ready to make that change get in touch to find out how I can help you find freedom from the food trap!

Have a great mindful day 🌷


Written by Donatella Porceddu

I am a registered psychologist and life coach specialised in binge and emotional eating, body kindness, and mindful eating. I empower women to become the best version of themselves through my comprehensive approach, which combines personal coaching and psychology, leveraging my client’s strengths and building around their opportunities.

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Donatella Porceddu Psychologist & Eating Coach specialised in Binge Eating, Overeating, Emotional Eating, Food freedom, anti-diet approach. 1:1 support through my Make Peace with Food program.

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