Here is a selection of free resources for you to explore the relationship between food, mind and body.

If coaching or therapy is not an option right now, you can start from here.
However, if you are evaluating working with me, it’s an opportunity to explore the principles and beliefs which support my approach.

What will you find in here?

My selection of books, podcasts among other resources to help you or someone you know start the healing journey to make peace with food and your body.


The Mindful Body Playlist

A selection of video resources available on The Mindful Body YouTube Channel, covering topics such us:
  • Binge eating
  • Mindful eating practices
  • Developing Body Kindness…and more.
Listen to it anytime!

The Mindful Body Blog

A selection of my blog articles containing tips, food for thought, journal prompts and much more.

It will help you work on yourself at:

  • Sitting with your emotion without using food all the time.
  • Letting go of the diet mentality.
  • Develop kindness for yourself and your body.
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Binge eating: what does it look like to binge? (Video)

What binge eating? And what does it look like to binge? I explain it in this short video. When it comes to binge and emotional eating often food is...

Growing at your own pace in 2021

The mantra that represents my 2020: Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still. - Chinese Proverb   It's certainly one I want...

How can you make your eating experience more mindful?

Do you ever pay attention to the quality of the food you put on your plate and the eating experience? No, I'm not talking about the calories or the...

Mindful Eating Practice: Savour your food

How often do you set some time to sit down and savour your food?  Most people don't. They eat the food on their plate in a rush, completely...

Choose food from a place of abundance not scarcity

Do your eating choices come from a place of abundance or a place of scarcity?  For many of you, embarking on a journey of healing your relationship...

Put the kettle on. I’m going to tell you a Christmas story.

If you read this till the end, it will all make more sense.  Here at The Mindful Body we don't like things that are fast and rushed. So, gift...

Learning to sit with the emotions that cause your binges

Have a tea with your emotions Ever thought about inviting your emotions for a tea?🍵 Maybe you’re mad at something your partner said, you’re under a...

Worried about the weight gained during the pandemic?

Worried about the weight gained during the pandemic? Feeling like your body is not ready for the reopening of society? It seems like after a long...

The impact of body shaming experiences in your life

In today's article I want to share some examples of comments received when I was quite young, and the way this experiences of body shaming triggered...

What’s holding you back from making that change?

Why can I not make that change I want? I know how I should be eating and I have a collection of fitness plans, apps, trackers.  This is one question...

There’s no amount of food that can feed a hungry heart.

The Emotional Eating Diary - The Mindful Body

What is really pushing you to eat when you're not hungry?

All of us experience some form of eating in response to emotions, both positive and painful: it’s perfectly normal!

However, it might become a problem when eating is the only way you deal with emotions or stressful situations in your life or if it makes you feel bad about yourself most of the time.

Does eating leave you constantly feeling bad about yourself, guilty and worried?

Download the diary and start becoming aware of what makes you reach out for food and what your feelings around food look like.

Awareness is the first step towards healing!



Inspiring resources to help you:


> Re-think the way you have been using food.
> Reflect on how diets might have influenced your current relationship with food and body.

Thanks so much for accommodating me, it was really helpful and enlightening. Overall, I have gained a sense of appreciation for myself and my efforts. That I have been doing well after all and have self-awareness. Thanks for showing me that.

After that, I bought a couple ice cream sandwiches yesterday and this time, I felt excitement and fondness instead of guilt. The ice cream sandwiches remind me of my younger days and my younger brother. Surely, I will enjoy it when I eat them at some point.

I also got myself a bunch of flowers to set near my lunch table because as you said, it is about making an experience out of it.

The part where you said that I should allow myself to fully enjoy really resonated to me and have been applying it to my life when I can.

Will do my best to keep it up.

Thanks for the notes and recipes too!

M.U. - United Kingdom

I guess I never really stopped and reflected before this.

Reflect on how my lack of confidence in many different situations is pushing me to just lose control over what I'm eating.

Surely, one thing that will stay with me is the iceberg.

That image you explained to me. It has helped realise there's so much going on for me. Neither me nor others can see it! At least until now.

Thank you Dona. It was very useful!

Anne - Ireland

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