Strong and compassionate support to help you get off the diet-binge rollercoaster and heal the relationship with your body.

Make Peace with food Program. Binges and Overeating.


Make peace with food is a dedicated 1:1 coaching for women like you, who hit rock bottom when it comes to food and dieting.

> You know there’s more to life than food and counting calories. And yet, you can’t seem to stop thinking about food, eating and planning your next trip to the shops.

> There’s something inside telling you that diets don’t work for you.  At this point, you’re noticing there’s something inside pushing you in front of the fridge. However, you’re finding it hard to grasp it and you need help to explore it.

It supports you to start moving:

FROM bingeing and overeating on a regular basis, feeling defeated and guilty afterwards.

TO living a life where anxiety and guilt around food decreases and you can enjoy it in ways that feel good and kinder to your body.

There’s no amount of food that can feed a hungry heart. 

– Geneen Roth


the diet binge cycle


From time to time, we all experience painful feelings and stressful situations which are difficult to deal with.

For you, this might be creating the urge to eat, which hits you like a wave. It pushes you eat a large amount of food in one go. Probably, that same food you normally don’t give yourself permission to eat.

Your blame yourself badly for overeating, you feel guilty, ashamed for giving in to food one more time.

To make up for overeating, you try and restrict your food intake, which creates more emotional distress. It makes you feel like you are a problem to fix, leading to another binge.

The cycle repeats itself again and again.

The good news is it’s possible to break this cycle and make peace with food!

ake peace with food and stop bingeing

What if you..

Could deal with your emotions instead of running from them and finding comfort in food?

Let go of strict rules around your food choices?

Eat mindfully, savouring your food, and not end up overeating all the time?

Fully enjoy all the social events involving  food with no worry, restriction or compensation afterwards?

How about...

Stopping worrying about what others think about your body or the food you eat?

Trusting your body when making your food choices instead of looking for guidance in a diet book?

Feeling comfortable in your skin and open to new life and career opportunities?

Here is what is holding you back from making pace with food.

What's getting in the way

There are common things getting in the way of women making peace with food and driving the change they want:

  • Focusing too much on the end result. It feels like climbing like Mount Everest when you look at it from where you are now.
  • Not making the time to do the inner work, to reflect on what’s really causing the status quo (which might not be the food on your plate or the lack of exercise).
  • Trying a one size fits all solution, an approach that doesn’t take into account your unique story, needs, preferences and circumstances.
  • AND

  • Fearing you’re gonna fail, because you have tried to accomplish that same result several times. You’re convinced there’s nothing else you can do: it’s always going to be this way.
  • Looking for fast change, so you can move on to other important stuff and forget about it. Change requires time.
  • Wanting to change everything all at once, which makes it impossible for you to put 100% of your focus and effort on nothing in particular.
Here is what will move you forward and help heal your relationship with food and body.

How to move forward

Your needs are different. So is your path to healing. What will help you more forward and reap benefits that last is:

  • Making the change you want in the relationship with food and your body it’s a journey made of days. It’s made of little moments, simple efforts, tiny but consistent changes in your habits and your mindset.
  • Every change you implement is a piece of a jigsaw to put together, day after day to create a different life.
  • It’s about creating a life fueled by a different mindset and routines. Not just a different body.
  • AND

  • Focusing on changing the inside before the outside. Because the puzzle is yours and, for that reason, completely different from someone else’s.
  • Learning to finally see food for what it is: just food.
  • You feel free from the food obsession, the urge to eat at any time, from having to track calories, or count the minutes on the treadmill to burn off your last snack.

The four focus areas of the Make Peace with Food Coaching



Becoming aware of how you have used food and dieting to cope with problems can be life changing.

The lasting change brought by awareness of what’s really causing the issue, is far more important than the actions driven by mere habit change.

We focus on why you’re using food the way you’re doing, so that you finally stop going back to your old ways time and time again.

It’s the first step in your healing journey. The groundwork which will reap many more long-lasting benefits than a diet program ever will.



When you don’t know how to handle difficult situations, and the feelings that come with them, you might have learned to just go for food.

Bingeing and overeating have come to the rescue by distracting you from the problems in your life.

We’ll sit together to identify the other ways you can deal with the stress and the overwhelm in your daily life.

You’ll be able to explore practising self-compassion in a safe and non-judgmental space. This way, you will stop using food as an emotional crutch or feeling bad about the way you eat all the time.

Body Kindness


Accept your body and treating it with kindness is another fundamental step in your healing journey.

You like to be kind to others and encourage them to take care of themselves. But, are you practicing the same kindness toward yourself and your body?

We’ll look at the mindsets holding you back, and create a practical plan to help you prioritise your mental and physical wellbeing.

You’ll also learn how to let go of some very stubborn beliefs that come from a diet mentality (for example, that ‘beautiful body= thin body’).



If you binge and overeat, learning to eat more mindfully and to listen to what your body tells you is a skill for life.

It’s like a muscle that can be built and strengthened day after day, meal after meal.

I help you build your own toolbox of mindful practices you can draw from at any time.

Among many other things, you’ll learn to:

  • Read the body signals of hunger and fullness;
  • Slow down and enjoy the food you like with all your senses;
  • Stop labelling food as good or bad.

This is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for weight-loss advice, an exercise plan or accountability  to support your weight-loss goals.
  • You are currently not open to explore alternative ways to look after your wellbeing, which don’t involve the pursuit of weight-loss or following strict dietary plans.

What you can expect

Twice-monthly calls with me to work together and build a kinder and more enjoyable realationship with food and body.

I’m here for you to run things by, look things over for you, lend a helping hand when the going gets tough and offer my guidance as you navigate your food & body freedom journey.

There is a minimum commitment of 3 months but once that’s over, you can stay with me as long as you like or you can cancel any time. For the logistics and price tag see below.

The logistics

→ Two 90 min sessions per month

→ Follow-up email with useful resources after the sessions.

→ Spot-coaching for emergencies (this is where we might hop on for 20 minutes for support between sessions) or connect via email.

→ Minimum commitment of 3 months (so we can get some traction from your efforts!). 

I hold you hand. We’ll do the journey together and you’ll make peace with food.

The investment

250 euros / month

Minimum commitment of 3 months (so we can get some traction from your efforts!)

I know, that’s less expensive than many other professionals at my level are charging. That is a conscious choice on my part.

I have experienced on my own skin what it means to deal with eating distress and body dissatisfaction. I don’t believe that getting support to work on such an important area of your life should cost a fortune or put you in debt. 

Apply for Make Peace with Food 1:1 Coaching

If you would like to discuss the opportunity to work together, please make sure to click on the ‘Apply for Coaching‘ button below and fill into the application form.

If a coaching spot is available and I believe that it could be a match between the support you’re looking for and what I offer, then I will invite you to schedule a complimentary coaching session with me.

This will not be a discovery session to talk about working together.

It’s an obligation free, deep dive into you and your current relationship with food & body.

If by the end of the call we both feel excited by the idea of moving forward, then we’ll schedule a separate call to discuss working together.

If that sounds like a good plan to you, then go ahead and click the button below to submit your application today.


How do I know if this is for me?

The Make Peace with Food 1:1 Coaching is the right support if you:

  • Regularly reach for food to cope with painful emotions/stressful situations, feeling guilty after eating.
  • Have noticed a powerful force that pushes you in front of the fridge which you seem to have zero control on.
  • Experience strong cravings on a regular basis.
  • Have come to the conclusion that diets are not the solution and don’t get you the results you are looking for.
  • Are ready to make a change and open to explore alternative ways of relating to food, your body and your emotions.
  • Find yourself in recovery from a binge eating disorder, and feel like you need support on your recovery.

I invite you to fill in the application form here.

This will be the first step to connect. If a coaching spot is available and I believe it’s a match between the support you’re looking for and what I’m best at, then I will invite you to connect on a Zoom call. This way you’ll get the chance to experience what it would be like to have me as your coach. You can also ask all the questions that can help you get a better understanding.

We might find out this is a good fit for you at this time.

And if we don’t, that’s fine too. It’ll be an opportunity to connect and get to know each other, and I might be able to refer you to another trusted professional that could be a better fit.

How long it will take for me to see results?

 My answer is: I can’t guarantee you how long it will take.

As much as I cannot guarantee that one day everything will magically be solved, and from that day on it’ll all be perfectly easy.

Be wary of anyone promising a date when you will cross the finish line – and Poof! every problem will vanish. Nobody has got that magic wand.

However, I believe that three months are a good period of time to start creating an impact in the way you relate to food. 

Both timing and results are, undoubtedly, very different from person to person.

No program or path will be successful unless you genuinely want to change and you’re willing to try different ways to do things.

It’s certainly possible to enjoy eating again without guilt or regret; it’s possible to go back to eating happily with others. But, I COULD NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH,  it requires patience and commitment, along with the willigness to try different ways to relate to food and your body.

Do you offer single sessions?

I like to be honest, I believe that only by committing to a longer period of time we can see change happen.

It takes time, patience and the commitment to work both during our sessions together and in between the sessions.

For this reason, I don’t take clients for single sessions.

Our journey together needs to be a win-win for both, and that can’t happen over one single meeting.

I do offer single sessions, though, to those who have already done some coaching with me and feel like they need one or more top-up sessions to support they journey or get clarity on a specific matter.

How does the coaching work?

We start our journey together with an in-depth look at what is the change you want to implement in your relationship with food and your body.

Then, we explore together what is happening right now, that’s causing suffering and frustration, preventing you from having a satisfying and relaxed eating experience. I want us to get into as much detail as possible about what you feel, think and do when food is around or when you don’t feel happy about your body. 

The focus for each session will be led by you. You’ll decide what you need most from our session together. Whether it’s support to understand how to deal with the urge to binge, tune into your body to decide what and when to eat, or challenge some pressing thoughts about what your body should look like, we’ll work through it together.

I’m fully committed to be there, listen and help you:
  • Get clarity on your triggers;
  • Try alternative ways to food to deal with feelings and situations;
  • Identify how you can be kinder towards yourself and your body;
  • Learn practices that are common amongst mindful and intuitive eaters.

After each session, I might also share via email some resources to help you progress and keep your motivation high all throughout the time we’ll spend together.

What support do you offer in between sessions?

You play a big part and this process. And I fully trust that you are capable of making wise decisions when it comes to your body.

However, I understand that in the time we’re not together you might have questions or encounter resistance in taking the steps we might have agreed during the sessions.

For this reason I’m available via email in between the sessions, to answer any questions or offer support and accountability, if needed.

You won’t be doing this alone. I’ll be there every step of the way.

When you start your personal healing journey, there’ll be moments where you might become discouraged at the pace you’re going. You might look at your body to find physical evidence of your progress, or fail to see immediate changes in your eating habits.
It may seem as though you’re getting nowhere. Especially if you are used to measuring progress by looking at a number on the scale or the size of our jeans.

It’s important to have the support of someone who can help you see that what you have accomplished might be at an emotional and mental level, and hasn’t manifested physically. In time, it might.

As you learn to recognise and express your feelings, allowing your body to tell you when and what to eat, when to exercise, and when to rest, your body will slowly, but steadily, find the weight that is right for you. You’ll reach a better balance between food, mind and body.

What if I still want to lose weight?

I understand that you may be feeling uncomfortable in your body.  The idea of pursuing wellbeing without dieting might feel new and scary right now.

If you followed diets before, it’s perfectly normal to hold the belief that weigh loss will allow you to have all the life experiences and the opportunities you desire. For example, the confidence, success and happiness in many areas of your life.

You have my deepest compassion as you experience the pressure of the diet culture to reach the ‘thin’ ideal body. Believe me, I know how it feels.

My promise is to help you create a more fulfilling and enjoyabe relationship with food, regardless of your shape and size. To help you focus on the behaviours and practices that have kept you from feeling the best you can, both physically and emotionally.

I believe that focusing on a mere weight loss goal will interfere with your ability to make choices based on your body signals and it’s something that this program won’t be able to support you with.

I want, instead, to help you see how, by letting go of diets, you will find yourself eating the amount of food that your body actually needs, wanting to experience gentle movement in your life.

You will experience peaceful eating, rather than the chronic background anxiety creeping behind every food choice.


“At the start of the Covid lockdown in 2020, I went to my Doctor where I had a very honest conversation about my eating habits and more importantly my binging habits.

Dona provided me with a safe, non-judgemental space to share with her confidentially and work through my thoughts and behaviours. She is one of very few people I felt safe sharing with.

Moreover, she provided me with some valuable feedback around her observations and experience and really helped me move forward through the work we did together over 4 sessions.

I feel much more confident about the direction I am now heading in and relieved to be free of the false beliefs I held from following so many diets over the years. Looking forward to having another session in a few months to check in and keep me on track.”


Donatella Porceddu Psychologist & Eating Coach specialised in Binge Eating, Overeating, Emotional Eating, Food freedom, anti-diet approach. 1:1 support through my Make Peace with Food program.

I’d love to support you through this!

I’m Dona. I’m a Psychologist & Eating Coach.

My mission is to show you it’s possible for you to enjoy food without overeating or feeling out of control.

Truth is I spent more that 20 years of my life fixating with food and eating my feelings alive. I was a chronic binge eater.

Food was a huge source of worry and guilt for all those years.

It stood as a block between me and the important things I wanted to achieve in many areas of my life. There’s a blog article I wrote about it. You can read here.

By developing a more mindful approach to life and learning to tune into my body on a deeper level, I managed to get out of the cage I had built for myself.

I’m here to take your hand and help you do the same.

“Before working with Dona I would regularly skip breakfast, snack on toast and tea, and basically run on empty.

During our sessions, I felt Dona held the space which allowed me to open up and to really be honest about my relationship with food. I was heard, understood, and appreciated.

She gave me lots of time to think through all our sessions and while I am still learning, I am now more mindful when I eat. I think about the taste and how the food or drink makes my body feel. Slowing down and enjoying the process.

Our check-in’s in between sessions were very enjoyable; this gave me more confidence to work towards my end goal. I felt the process had a natural flow. Dona is an exceptional coach. And I look forward to working with her again.


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