January is the big Monday

December 30, 2021

I’m here right after Christmas day with my last article of 2021.

How are you?

Perhaps, in the midst of so much Christmas happiness, you are feeling somewhat shaken.

These are very sensitive dates because we are with the family and it is normal for many old sensations and traumas to appear.

Normal to feel bad when you detect familiar roles and patterns or, it is even possible that you feel bad about things that you have had to swallow, tensions or arguments that may have occurred these days.

Maybe you have received comments about your body or that of other people. Or you have received judgment about what you eat.

And it is normal for you to feel sad or guilty for eating ‘excessively’.

Right now, you may be experiencing a tremendous urge to lose weight or change your body to protect yourself from fat-phobia and body-shaming which are so much ingrained in our culture.

I’m here remind you:


That fat fearing and thin-centric society reaches incredible heights at this time of the year, a moment when we are loaded with so many different feelings.

At Christmas everyone is happy and has an ideal family. Few people feel brave enough to tell the reality. 

I confess that on few occasions, during the past week, I caught myself getting into some negative spiral of thinking: “I’m not home with my family. My mom is not there anymore to celebrate with us. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas.

I really had to stop, breathe deeply to be able to take in the good. 

What’s NOT wrong right now?

This question, which I heard Geneen Roth mentioning during one of her recent workshops I joined, , I found was super helpful.

And her words comforted me: 

“When we compare past holidays to the present and turn to food for comfort, it is usually not because this holiday is so awful. It’s because we have warped the past into a time so flawless that it can never be achieved in this moment.”



In the midst of all these feelings, plus the shame and guilt from eating more than usual, the New Year arrives with its resolutions.

And what do we do?

Many times, we turn January into some Big Monday.

We believe, as with Mondays, that everything will change from 2022.

Consequently, we set ourselves goas which are loaded with that frustration of guilt for having eaten.


We feel extra the pressure to have that ideal body that will bring us what we really want most … to feel that we are LOVED.

And do you know where those purposes will end?

In the same place as the diet attempts every Monday.

Recently I asked a client:

If you were to drop off the ‘New year, New me’ diet bandwagon, what would your intention for the new year be?

If you were to put away the desire to shrink your body, how would you want to really feel in 2022?”.

With permission, I share her answer, which was: 

I want to eat to nourish, not to punish my body. And find some balance, so that I don’t have to race against something that feels like hunger even when it’s not.

Beautiful, isn’t it?! Nourishment and Balance.

These intentions inspired me to offer my next workshop, happening in January, to help you envision what to want to achieve in 2022 and what might help you get there.

It’s called: Nourished & Balanced – A Vision Board Party

Nourished & Balanced workshop

So, I’m here to invite you all to check the workshop page, and come onboard to start this 2022 together and make it a one to remember.

It’s going to be a moment of reflection, but with a CRAFTY TWIST.

We’ll play with images and words to understand how we want to feel this new year. Then we set some powerful intentions which will steer us away from the need to shrink our dear body, and keep us focus on our health and mind-body balance.

Camera on is not mandatory. Plus, if you attend, you’ll receive a recording so you can relax and enjoy the playful session without worrying about taking notes.

Hope to see you there!

In the meanwhile, I wish you to start this new year with the energy and determination of my little puppy Gracie (pictured below) as she runs to catch her next treat 😃

Happy New Year!!

With kindness,

Dona 🌷


Would you like sharing about this and other issues with like-minded women and doing some journaling together?

Why not joining The Mindful Body Women Circle? It’s a group support for women who want to increase the confidence in their body, and learn to enjoy eating again, without guilt.

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Written by Donatella Porceddu

I am a registered psychologist and life coach specialised in binge and emotional eating, body kindness, and mindful eating. I empower women to become the best version of themselves through my comprehensive approach, which combines personal coaching and psychology, leveraging my client’s strengths and building around their opportunities.

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