Is your body always giving and never receiving?

October 6, 2022
I thank the Universe
for taking everything it has taken
and giving to me everything it is giving.”
Balance — Rupi Kaur

Are you treating your body well, giving it the chance to receive some care and love?

Or your body is mostly on the giving end, constantly being pushed through many different demands?

With today’s article, I’d love to offer a moment of reflection about the opportunity to let your body receive, as opposed to always being demanding something from your body.

This past week, I sat for a lovely Connect with Calm Session with Anne Scallan from Wild Atlantic Mindfulness, breathing deeply into my body and letting it find the support it needed right there and then.

It was halfway through the practice when I became aware of a true sense of relief and connection with my body, which hasn’t always been readily available to me lately.

As Anne went on reading a short poem, I dived deep into that feeling and what emerged was a sense of my body being on the receiving end of something, of me taking care of it — after quite a long period of time of me just asking and demanding something from it.

It was a very nice feeling to experience. Since then I’ve been looking to understand how I can create more opportuities for my body to receive. To be taken care of, instead of it having to put up with me and my endless demands all the time.

I don’t think it’s something that it’s easy for us to become aware of, but how many asks do we have for our body every single day?

Often it takes something to go wrong, burnout or a illness to open our eyes on how much we’ve been pushing our body throughso much pressure while giving it back very little.

The countless hours spent working more than it’s requested us to, the quick launches with the first thing that’s available in the fridge or the skipped meals because we’re too busy and, sure, we can eat later.

The nights on the screen of our phone compromising on the quality of our sleep.

Not to mention the demands we place on the body when it comes to to meeting the societal beauty standard and the need to always appear “happy & healthy”. I’ve shared about this on different occasion both here in the blog.

Treat your body well by letting it receive

I’m sharing what I’m sharing here today not with the desire to point at something you’re doing wrong or generate a sense of guilt. Quite the opposite.

I’d like instead to invite you to think about what you could be doing more to give back to your body, to deeply take care of it and find those little moments of true connection with it which always pay out.

One question to start from with this could be:

Is my body always on “the giving end” and never on “the receiving end”?

Whatever the answer is, what is it the makes it be that way for you?

How do you know it?

When was the last time your body received care, attention, time?

I know one way I’m going to give back today is taking a nap right after finishing this email, despite the dozen other things my mind is telling me I could be doing on a Sunday afternoon. It’s rest what I need…so let it be a nap.

Whether it’s…





Pressing beautiful flowers

Collecting seashells on your beach walk



Physical contact like a hug

Creating art

Playing like a kid

Walking barefoot in the grass

Sky gazing in your garden

Playing with your pet

The list is endless, really!

how could you integrate ways of giving these to your body more often, in ways that feel comfortable and exciting to you?

Now, that’s a good one for your journal, if you dare exploring all this in writing.

I hope you’ll go through your week with a pinch of mindfulness around what and how you’d like to give back to your body and how you are going to remind yourself to do it as the week goes by.

Share it with me if you like. I can’t wait to learn more about what it is that other women find helps them connect more with their body.

Always with kindness and until the next,

Dona 🌷


Written by Donatella Porceddu

I am a registered psychologist and life coach specialised in binge and emotional eating, body kindness, and mindful eating. I empower women to become the best version of themselves through my comprehensive approach, which combines personal coaching and psychology, leveraging my client’s strengths and building around their opportunities.

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Donatella Porceddu Psychologist & Eating Coach specialised in Binge Eating, Overeating, Emotional Eating, Food freedom, anti-diet approach. 1:1 support through my Make Peace with Food program.

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