Our Behaviour Towards Food

Eating has become a mindless act, something we often do too quickly and with little consideration. Too often, we settle for fast foods and ignore the symptoms of fullness. As a result, many of us develop a complicated and worrisome relationship with food.

The Mindful Body addresses the systemic issues behind our eating patterns. Instead of implementing traditional diets that do not work, I support you in taking a holistic and conscious approach. I empower you through techniques and knowledge to overcome your overeating habits and transform your physical and mental well-being once and for all.

Emotional Eating

Have you ever found yourself eating a pint of ice cream when you were feeling stressed or upset?

While this scenario may sound cliché, it contains a lot of truth. Emotional eating happens to some people multiple times a week as a way of soothing negative emotions.

Emotional eating only obfuscates the troubling underlying problem, though. Frequently, emotional eaters are dealing with sadness, stress, or self-esteem issues. The food provides a way to fill the emptiness, even if the fix is only temporary.

The Mindful Body gives you the tools to distinguish between real hunger and emotional hunger. For instance, real hunger has a gradual build-up that is absent of emotion, while its counterpart is abrupt and comes with specific cravings. Insights like this will give you the skill set to tame your eating habits for good.

Mindful Eating

With Mindful eating you choose what and how much you eat.

You trust your own decision and focus on appreciating the experience of food without being concerned with restricting your intake. And with time, you learn to observe more details of your eating experience, recognize if you’re eating to cope with a painful feeling and stop.

A lot of people are surprised by what they experience after starting to gradually add more mindfulness to their meals. As they eat without distraction and give themselves permission to eat the previously forbidden foods without guilt, they often experience that the last few bites of their favorite cake, for example, don’t taste quite as good as the first ones.

For some people this is a big eye opener, which opens the door to significant change in their eating patterns, to more balanced choices and eating less food in general.

I’ve been practising mindful eating as part of my journey to bring more balance to my life and I look forward to providing you with these same tools to cope with the stress, anxiety, and guilt many of us feel around food. I want you to appreciate food in a new light where you can enjoy the smells, textures, and flavours while feeling satiated afterwards.

Body Kindness vs Diet

Body Kindness vs Diet

The Mindful Body’s mission is to help you embrace a totally different approach to self-care and food habits.

I want to give you a permanent and sustainable way to take care of your body that extends beyond temporary weight loss. Most importantly, I strive to transform your relationship with food and your body from the inside out, so that you never say diet again.

Anyone who has tried and failed on a diet knows how challenging they are to sustain in the long-term. Many times, we find weight ballooning up or down, and our emotions going with it. While a well-balanced diet is essential, The Mindful Body focuses on developing body kindness toward yourself and awareness that addresses the true causes of comfort eating.

I want to eliminate the words “diet” and “restriction” from your vocabulary. Instead, I want to help you find happiness in your physique and your healthy approach to eating. My approach to eating psychology will help you conquer your well-being goals and many more through evidence-based exercises and self-reflection that will become your blueprint to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

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