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It’s time to make peace with food and reclaim your life from dieting.

I’ve worked with many clients and run workshops to help women ditch the diet mentality and finally understand their binges.

I also know from personal experience what could be stopping you getting to where you want to be.

Maybe it’s lack of clarity on what’s what’s actually pushing you to eat with such urgency, feeling out of control? Or the fear of failing?

Or perhaps it’s a mindset issue. You don’t know what it takes to accept your body? Struggling to see an alternative to dieting to stop your binges? Wanting to change too many things at once?

Sharing your struggles with food and your body with someone else, finding someone you can trust and who makes you feel heard and seen (sometimes for the first time) can be very liberating in itself.

The more you feel heard, understood and respected in your struggles, the more likely it is you’ll experience some emotional healing.

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Geneen Roth quote

“Food never quite gets to what is really bothering you. If the reason you eat is intangible – a need unexpressed, a desire unfulfilled, feelings unspoken – then no tangible substance is going to be able to meet it satisfactorily. Like tying to fit a star into the shape of a circle, there are always empty spaces; there is always a hunger that you can’t define.” – Geneen Roth


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