Choose food from a place of abundance not scarcity

January 12, 2021

Do your eating choices come from a place of abundance or a place of scarcity?

For many of you, embarking on a journey of healing your relationship with food involves becoming more mindful about:

  • What you choose to eat
  • The reasons why you choose specific foods and not others
  • The labels you attached to food over the years

The process involves you becoming more curious, open-minded and less judgmental about your choices.

As a result of this process, you might spontaneously broaden your meal options. You could even end up giving yourself the chance to try foods you never thought of putting on the plate before.

From a psychological perspective, this alone can be a game changer.

Imagine yourself having many options, knowing there’s abundance of food choices and no food you must exclude, apart from the one you genuinely don’t like.

If you’ve been on diets most of your life, you know what I’m talking about. When on a diet, you normally tend to narrow your options instead of broadening them.

If you knew you have many options, would you want to try more of them instead of limiting your choice? The answer is probably yes.

I can see a shift happening with my clients when, after some work together, they go for their food shopping or say yes to a social event where there’s food involved, knowing they’re free to experiment with a greater variety of food instead of limiting their choice to some pre-made list of ‘good’ foods coming from a diet programme.

Abundance or scarcity?

What’s the key thing here?

They are moving from a mindset of food scarcity to one of food abundance and many possibilities.

> They can give new foods a try and decide whether they like it or not.

> They can bring back to their table foods they’ve run away from for years; this time as a mindful choice instead of an angry reaction to a diet rule.

And I could go on and on with other examples.

This is particularly useful for the healing of women who’ve been binge-eating or emotionally eating for years in response to dieting.

The permission to mindfully savor a variety of foods, including those they learnt to label as prohibited, it’s an important part of the healing process.

Here’s to you embracing abundance and being more mindful of your eating choices!

With kindness,



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Written by Donatella Porceddu

I am a registered psychologist and life coach specialised in binge and emotional eating, body kindness, and mindful eating. I empower women to become the best version of themselves through my comprehensive approach, which combines personal coaching and psychology, leveraging my client’s strengths and building around their opportunities.

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